Fri.  Dec 6th @ 6pm

Wine & Art Pairing

What better way to enjoy the last 1st Friday of 2019 with a combo of wine and art?

Nosey Palate is partnering with Philadelphia visual artist, Marian Mauti to bring you a two-for-one experience. Exhibit fine art while we provide the perfect wine with the beautifully displayed masterpieces!

Sat.  Dec 7th @ 4pm.

Love The Palate

Nosey Palate is teaming up with Sommelier Austin Drake of Love The Bottle to bring you tons of information about the wines you will be enjoying! These amazing wine varietals will be accompanied by tasty bites to enhance the flavors and your experience. If you like the holidays + wine, then you will definitely Love The Palate!

Sat.  Dec 21st @ 1pm.

Wine Tasting Bingo!

Wine Bingo allows you to sample twenty-one wine and cocktail combinations in a new-aged, creative, interactive, and fun way! If you like to win cool prizes, drink, and experience new events... than Wine Tasting Bingo is for you!

Learn How To Play!

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