Take a look at our Tastings, pick a date and let us pour you a glass! We offer unique pairings and serve quality wines.


Our palates change over time. We will bring new wines to your exposure. When's the last time you had a glass of pineapple wine?


Our sommeliers and team carefully craft Tastings so you can have a great wine tasting experience. We bring the vineyard to you!

Nosey Palate is like being a member of a gym but better!

We drink wine instead of waiting on a machine.

Nosey Palate - Wine Tasting Club

Your New Wine Pals!

Nosey Palate is a wine tasting club for everyday people who enjoy drinking and learning about wines from all around the world. Wine should be an affordable luxury that we enjoy without worrying about being judged by some wine snobs. Going to a restaurant or buying bottles of wine can be costly; that's why we have membership options! Being a member grants you access to interactive wine pairings, unique wine tastings, and being apart of a community of everyday people who doesn't mind the aromas from all sorts.