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Blindfold Wine & Desert Pairing


Blindfold Wine & Dessert Pairing

Allow your senses of smell, taste, (and touch) to guide you through this intimate experience. We carefully paired a dessert with with each wine to help enhance those flavors! While exploring, you and other guests will discuss what you experience, guess the color, region and aromas amongst each other!

Once we have tasted our final wine, blindfolds will come off and you and your new friends can check to see how your senses did!!

Complimentary Cocktails will be served before and during the event!

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Wine & Pizza Pairing

During this experience, we will pair and sample popular wine varietals with a variety of delicious pizza provided by notable pizza makers in Philadelphia. We will touch on the topics of sauce, cheese, toppings, and more!

Complimentary cocktails (unlimited) and garlic breadsticks with marinara will be provided. 

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Virtual Reality Wine Mixer

We are teaming up with The Holodec (Philadelphia's new Virtual Reality Arcade). This experience is perfect if you have never tried VR or you are looking for something unique and exciting. Heighten your experience with an all inclusive cocktail and a wine bar, provided by yours truly!

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Waffles, Mimosas, & Board Games!

A Waffle Bar meets a Mimosas Bar

A Sunday morning/afternoon event for those who don’t mind eating unlimited waffles, drinking bottomless mimosas, and playing their favorite board games!

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Perfect Duo

Classical Harp & Wine Pairing

We are teaming with Artsi! This evening will be classy, delicate, and intimate. Guests will enjoy wine tastings complimented with live music to enhance your drinking experience.  Our experienced Harpist will prepare a mesmerizing program that'll sweep you away!

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Wine Tasting Bingo!

Wine Bingo is similar to traditional Bingo except the numbers on the Bingo board are replaced with wine varietals and cocktails… that you’ll get a chance to indulge!

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Wine + Yoga

60 minute align-focused yoga through vinyasa practice and meditation.

Reward yourself with our 90 minute mix n' mingle which includes wine and a mimosa bar! Bring a partner, your mat, and your determination... We got you covered with everything else!

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Drink & Paint!

Cocktails & Canvases

Get in touch with your artistic side while indulging in freshly made cocktails! You will be guided throughout colorful experience by an experienced visual artist with a passion for art. The cocktails are on the house but you are more than welcomed to BYOB... We'll have ice and cups for you and your friends!

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