Why We Exist

Nosey Palate is a wine tasting club for everyday people who enjoy drinking and learning about wines from all around the world. Wine should be an affordable luxury that we enjoy without worrying about being judged by some wine snobs. Going to a restaurant or buying bottles of wine can be costly; that's why we have membership options! Being a member grants you access to interactive wine pairings, unique wine tastings, and being apart of a community of everyday people who doesn't mind the aromas from all sorts.

Snob Free Environment 

Nosey Palate's mission is to familiarize people with wines produced from all around the world by creating nontraditional wine tastings. We aim to offer unique wine tasting experiences that engages people with their senses, their senses to wines and wines for enjoyment!


Nosey Palate believes in balance. Drinking wine is an affordable luxury that should be associated with class and fun.