Nosey Palate was started to give novice wine drinkers an opportunity explore wine without feeling embarrassed for not knowing certain terms, regions, and varietals.

How did Nosey Palate Get Started? Why did Nosey Palate Get Started?
Who Is Nosey Palate? What does Nosey Palate do? What does Nosey Palate represent?


Founded in 2016, Nosey Palate is a company that specializes in eclectic-styled events around food, fermented/distilled beverages and lifestyle.

We offer a wide-range of events that makes food, wine, spirits, and beer tasting easygoing, entertaining, educational, and not so serious.


Our Mission is to be a leading producer/provider in events that encompasses the education and tastings of alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and food.

What does Nosey Palate stand for? Nosey Palate's purpose?
Nosey Palate Vision Statement.


To reshape how food and beverages can be consumed and enjoyed.

Now That You Know A Little About Us ... 

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