50 Bottles Later

50 Bottles Later
50 Bottles Later is a limited edition, 5 track playlist available on 12″ vinyl records.

The Story
We oftentimes find ourselves searching for the perfect background music to play during our intimate wine tastings and pairings. Music we play during our events includes: Jazz, Italian, LoFi, piano concertos and woodwind solos. We wanted to create music that we love and can play during special occasions… like our Blindfold Wine & Dessert Pairing!

The Title & Cover Art
Initially, we wanted to have a total of 8-10 black wine bottles and 1-2 wine bottles painted with Nosey Palate’s signature yellow-orange color. With a few sketches and modifications, we decided we wanted something bright and vibrant. The final front cover art would include a total of eight bottles. We find beauty in everything we create and we appreciate the journey so much that we documented it. The back of the cover art includes the different variations and ideas we were considering. We made it into a collage to showcase all of the inspiration behind 50 Bottles Later. There are a total of 42 bottles on the back cover and 8 (42+8=52) on the front. We named it 50 Bottles Later because even though the record and artwork is completed, we still have more to create and offer.


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