Wine Bingo

Custom designed stands created by Kashief Butler. This stand was designed for Wine Bingo!

What is Wine Tasting Bingo?

Wine Bingo is similar to traditional Bingo except the numbers on the Bingo board are replaced with wine varietals and cocktails… that you’ll get a chance to indulge!

Before Wine Bingo is Played
There will be a Wine Tasting activity that includes three wines. There is a chance that these wines could appear on your Bingo board 😉

How to Play?

  1. Each Player will receive a 3-tiered flight stand that has a combination of 21 wines and cocktails. (as pictured above
  2. Each Player will receive a Bingo board. There are 5 columns categorized as: White, Rosé, Cocktail, Dessert/Fortified, and Red 
  3. The Caller will direct the Players to sample the first wine/cocktail.
  4. The Player will have to use their sense of sight, smell, taste or wine knowledge to determine which wine or cocktail he/she has tasted.
  5. The Caller will continue directing Players to sample the remaining wine/cocktails until the last one is sampled!

How to Win?

  1. Players will use Bingo markers to mark the correct wines/cocktails on their boards.
  2. Players have to mark 5 squares (correctly) in a row and shout BINGO! to win.  Squares can be marked vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

What's Included?

- Wine Tasting Activity
- 24 Wine & Cocktail Combination
- Bingo Board
- Bingo Marker
- A Custom Booklet with the included Wine & Cocktail Descriptions
- Light Refreshments

What Can I Win?

-Visa Gift Cards
-Cool Prizes
& More!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if more than one person shouts, "BINGO!"?
The Players will spin a wheel. The Player that gets the highest number wins.
Can I win twice?
Because we want everyone to have an equal chance of winning, we are limiting prizes to one per person.
What if I do not know the wine or cocktail?
We will provide a booklet with the wine and cocktail descriptions. If that doesn't help then ask a friend 🙂
How many games will be played?
We would love to see everyone still functioning at the end of the game. Our compassion will only allow one game.

To Purchase Tickets

There will be two sessions for Wine Tasting Bingo. Be sure to select the session that best suits you!


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