Wine Bingo!

Wine Bingo is similar to traditional Bingo except the numbers on the Bingo board are replaced with wine varietals and cocktails that you’ll get a chance to indulge! What's better than sampling 21 wines and cocktails while winning prizes?

The 5 S's of Wine Tasting

During this  guided wine tasting, you will sample, compare and contrast red and white wines from different regions around the world. You can expect to leave with a better understanding of how the 5 S’s of Wine Tasting can enhance the way you enjoy wine!

See Swirl Smell Sip Savor

B.Y.O.B -Be Your Own Bartender

Learn how to make delicious cocktails from an experienced mixologist. During this interactive experience, you will learn the history of the cocktails you will concoct, be given the necessary glasses, utensils, mixers and garnishes, and then you will be able to indulge in your tasty masterpiece!

Drink & Paint

We can pair wines with the color of paint you receive. If you absolutely hate stop signs and fire trucks (red wine) then you have the option of drinking whatever is provided!

The color wheel just got more interesting!

Wine + Yoga

You will be guided through an hour long Yoga session by a certified and experienced instructor.


After the session, enjoy a variety of wine.

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